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Imagine your most abundant life

What does an abundant life look like to you? That's what I ask all my clients. Everyone's version is going to be different. Maybe it means having a flexible schedule where you can spend time with your loved ones. Maybe it is having a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it is buying something you like without checking the price tag. This is important to identify because it's like what one of my favorites quotes says (from the movie Shang-Chi) - "If You Aim At Nothing, You Hit Nothing."

Write down 5 things about your abundant life to start. Here's mine:

  1. Wake up everyday in a good mood

  2. Be in good health

  3. Have a good group of friends

  4. Have enough $$ that I don't really have to budget

  5. Have freedom of time

Once you have your abundant life visualized, it is time to get to work and make it happen!

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